Beauty Hack: a half cut-crease in half the time!

A makeup look that I have been loving lately is the iconic half cut-crease. Cut-creases are notoriously difficult – there seems to be one hundred and one ways of doing them and for me, it used to end in tears, tantrums, and two unsymmetrical eyes with harsh lines and patchy shadow. I hated how it looked on myself, but I LOVED how it looked on others, so I was determined to get the technique down.

FullSizeRender 4

My saving grace came in the form of a little something we all know and love – concealer. Liquid concealer to be precise. I cannot express enough the difference that concealer makes when creating cut-crease looks – you are left with a sharp, defined line transitioning from the lid to the well-blended crease. No muddy patches of colour, no deformed looking lines, and no more blending until your fingers fall off.

This beauty hack can of course be used to create a full cut-crease (as shown in the photo below) but I feel that a half cut crease is slightly more daytime friendly: it’s the perfect combination of sharp definition and beautifully blended smokes.

FullSizeRender 6

Here’s my three steps to creating the perfect dramatic eye, without all the drama:

  • Start by applying your eyeshadow as you normally would and create your standard smokey eye. Although I always use a lighter transition shade in the crease of my eye and a slightly darker shadow in the outer V, for this look it’s important to take the darker shadow right round into your inner corner. Don’t blow this out too much though, you want to keep it close to your crease line because everyone knows that panda eyes are a no-go!
  • I then place shadow (of either a bright colour or a dark neutral shade, depending on the eye look) on the outer half of my lid. At this point, the only section without shadow should be the first half of your lid (from the inner corner to the centre of your eye). Keep this space free of product for the time being, but don’t worry if any shadow gets on this part of your lid – concealer fixes everything.
  • Now it’s time to work your magic – take a small, flat brush and a small amount of liquid concealer. Apply in little brushstrokes from your inner corner to the middle of your lid, covering the entire space you left bare. You really want to carve out your lid so take the concealer up to just below your crease line. Once you’re happy with the product placement, set the concealer with an eyeshadow – I usually opt for a standard white. Then, take a small amount of the shadow you used on the second half of your lid and blend out the white eyeshadow with this darker colour. You don’t want a harsh line where your lid transitions from light to dark – you want an ombre, gradient effect so try to use very little product and small, light brushstrokes.

FullSizeRender 7

And voila, there you have a half cut crease in half the time – all thanks to our little friend, liquid concealer. Let me know how you get on, I’d love to see any looks you’ve created using this beauty hack!


Lauren xx


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