Easter Adventures

I love Easter because it marks the beginning of spring. The weather is warming and the flowers are blooming, meaning that you are no longer restricted to spending every Saturday in your local shopping centre (this is good timing, as your Christmas money has probably started to run out).

Easter provides the majority of us with a four day weekend (I stand in solidarity with retail employees) so there’s plenty of time to have fun and make some memories. This also means that you can hit the town without having to endure the Sunday comedown where, after twelve hours of hibernating in bed, eating Mcdonald’s and binge-watching Gossip Girl,  the realisation that you’ve wasted your weekend begins to creep in. At Easter, you can bask in your hangover guilt-free, promising yourself that you’ll grace the world with your presence tomorrow.

So if you are planning a fun-filled day out, here are some of our favourite Easter activities to get you inspired. Many of them are budget friendly (who can fund four consecutive days of entertainment?) and make the most of the great outdoors. After all, fresh air is the best hangover cure.

1) Easter Dip

This day we packed a picnic, a disposable barbeque and a dinghy before heading towards our favourite spot. Dubbed ‘The Blue Lagoon’ because of the vibrant colour of the water, this pool is great for swimming and is a safer alternative to a rushing river. However, the importance of water safety should not be underestimated.




2. Exploring the countryside

We love walking around the countryside and discovering new locations. Finding old tree swings and visiting little lambs is what Easter is all about! Pack a picnic to make this a super cheap day-out, or find a village pub to have lunch in.

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3) Visit the Beach

We are very lucky have so many local beaches. Fish and chips (or for us, chips and gravy) is not only a Good Friday staple, but a cheap alternative to a fancy meal. We love to visit the beach at around dusk with a football (for the lads) and some speakers (for us), just in time to watch the sun set.



4) Camping

We both love to camp out and with a four day weekend, you have enough time to spend a couple of nights in the sticks, before recovering in a hot bubble bath for the rest of the weekend. One of our favourite places to camp is Kielder Water and Forrest Park in Northumberland. There are areas here where ‘wild camping’ is permitted, providing that you ask for permission prior to your trip. We spent the weekend in complete isolation, surrounded by nothing but trees and water. It was the perfect break, even if I did live off Supernoodles!


However you choose to spend your Easter break, we hope that you all have a fabulous weekend surrounded by your loved ones. Let us know if there’s anywhere you would recommend visiting, as we’d love to explore somewhere new.

Lots of love,

Rachel xx


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