Easter Prep: DIY

Unfortunately, here in the UK, we aren’t always blessed with sunshine over the Easter holiday. If you’re struggling with what to do to keep little ones and yourself entertained or if you just want some inspo for next year’s celebrations, take a look at some of our Easter crafts ideas:

  1. Easter Tree

When my Mam first suggested buying and decorating an ‘Easter Tree’ several years ago, I couldn’t help but laugh. I thought the world had gone mad and that Easter was becoming the new Christmas. But once I realised how cute this tree actually was, I instantly embraced the idea of decorating some sparse twigs with a few colourful eggs, bright butterflies and dainty daisy chains.

It really does mark the start of spring and I love walking into my Mam’s house, complaining about the endless essays I have to write for University, and having a visual reminder that the Easter bank holiday is just a hop away.

2. Easter Cards

Easter Cards are so easy to make and they are such a fun and creative way to pass time over the holiday, especially if the weather isn’t overly great. All you need is a few sheets of card in pastel shades and floral patterns; some Easter ribbon; stickers or stamps saying ‘Happy Easter’; and, if you want to replicate the bunny design my Mam chose for these cards, a punch that allows you to create the rabbit face in any colour card you have.

Bits and pieces like these never come in wrong and any left over ribbon or bits of card can be used for birthday cards later in the year. Homemade cards are so much more personal than store-bought ones and I know that I love receiving cards from my Mam to see what designs she has came up with this year. If you’re into arts and crafts, it’s a great way to prep for Easter and keep kids busy over the long weekend.

3. Easter Baking

Rachel and I are ridiculously fussy when it comes to food and the usual Easter treats like Hot Cross Buns just don’t appeal to us (who likes raisins and where have these people came from?!) Instead, we opt for our beloved Cinnamon buns – a much tastier alternative. Plus, you’ll be thankful for something other chocolate crispy cakes, which you’ll no doubt be making after Easter in order to get rid of the tower of eggs that have culminated in your front room.

Cinnamon buns are so easy to make and we use a recipe that doesn’t require eggs or yeast, so as long as you have milk, flour, butter, sugar, and of course cinnamon – you’re good to go. You also don’t have to be a culinary genius – theres no faffing on with frosting and piping bags, you just leave the buns to cool in the tray they were baked in and pour icing over them, so it’s perfect if you’re baking with children.

We hope you have a lovely Easter! Let us know if you have any Easter traditions or any recipes that you’d like to share!


Lauren xx


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