How to: Subtle Colour for Spring

For many people, a nude smokey eye is a go-to makeup look. Personally, I feel most comfortable when my lids are painted orange and my waterline is blue. I am empowered by colour and the fun that I have when experimenting with it.

However, my glossy red lips have felt out of place since the flowers have started blooming. Instead, I’ve been drawn to fresh and youthful colours, such as dusty pinks and baby blues. I love to emulate the tones around me and so it is time to shake off the burnt oranges of Autumn and embrace the pastel palette of Spring.

If you can’t decide which colour is for you, try to identify an accent colour in your wardrobe. This will help your makeup blend with the overall aesthetic, maintaining a fresh and subtle look. On the images below, I replicated the warm burgundy tones from the dress on my lid, before incorporating the jade green with some shadow on my lower lash line.  This way your use of colour will garner an eye-catching, rather than jaw-dropping, effect.

image1 (1)


For some more advice on how to wear colour, check out our YouTube tutorial where we demonstrate how to bring intimidating shades into an everyday look. If you’ve felt inspired by Spring when applying your makeup, let us know below. We’d love to see some of your creations!

Lots of love,

Rachel xx


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