The Kiss Beauty Event @ All About You

On Thursday night, we had the absolute pleasure of attending the Kiss Products beauty event at the All About You urban retreat, located inside of the newly renovated Grey Street Hotel, Newcastle. This hidden gem housed the most phenomenal party we have ever experienced – a true reflection of all of the hard work from the Alex Silver PR team. Thanks girls!

After ‘ooh’-ing and ‘ahh’-ing at the plush hotel lobby (which included our latest obsession: neon signs), we were escorted downstairs to the All About You urban beauty retreat. I felt like Harry Potter on his first day at Hogwarts, only I was mesmerised by chandeliers and champagne flutes, rather than talking portraits. The mustard and grey colour scheme gave us some serious decor-envy, but before we could reach for our mobiles to update our Pinterest board, we were invited to sample Kiss‘s finest products.



As a brood of bloggers flocked towards the jaw-dropping selection of nails, we munched on canapes and headed to the trés-chic treatment rooms in search of some Lash Couture. Kiss‘s promise that their false lashes are #LikeMinkButOnlyBetter is alluring; vanity will never justify animal cruelty, so we love to see brands trying to make a difference within the industry. However, whilst many have been unable to replicate the fluffy allure of natural hair lashes, Kiss are a notable exception. Their faux mink collection provides the voluptuous fullness of falsies whilst mimicking the natural tapering of real lashes. Talk about lash goals!


When it comes to eyelashes, our philosophy is the bigger, the better so we were immediately drawn to ‘Midnight’, ‘Little Black Dress’, and ‘Gala’. We weren’t quite quick enough to get our hands on ‘Boudoir’ *sob* but with their extensive range of other styles, we can’t complain. The True Volume collection features ‘Spicy,’ a set of rounded eyelashes to make you a doe-eyed wonder, and ‘Ritzy’, a fantastic dupe of the coveted ‘wispies’ by Ardell and a more natural alternative to Red Cherry‘s ’43’s. For those ‘no-makeup’ makeup days, we love their Looks So Natural range. Liner is no longer necessary thanks to the transparent lash line of ‘Pretty’ and Kiss‘s expert tapering means that a pair of ‘Iconic’ lashes could be mistaken for the real deal. Furthermore, the technology behind their Natural Flourish Blooming Lash line means that eyelash-curler related injuries are a thing of the past. The multi-angle layering of the individual lashes creates a feathery, flirty effect. Plus, the names are as enchanting as the products makes you feel, with styles called ‘Daisy’, ‘Tulip’, and ‘Peony’.


Next, we selected some Gel Fantasy nails for the lovely technicians to apply. Rachel opted for some squared-off mauve nails with a sprinkle of glitter whilst Lauren went for some matte nudes in a stiletto style. The girls were super accommodating and equally as talented. As we’re off to Ibiza in a few days, we didn’t want to cut our nails really short but thankfully, this was not a problem. The technicians expertly popped the falsies on top, leaving our natural nails untouched.



After a negative experience with acrylic nails some years ago, we were super impressed with how light-weight they felt. They place no pressure on the nail bed and, if badly caught, simply lift off (rather than removing your real nail underneath). The best part is that the application process is quick and effortless, meaning that you can alternate between styles on a regular basis. We’ve always disliked the permanence of acrylics (scarlet nails look great with your LBD, but not so good with your pink fluffy jumper), but the palaver of changing your nail polish is the last thing that your hungover-self wants to deal with on a Sunday morning. With Kiss nails, you can simply peel off the old and pop on some new. For those who don’t like the thought of using nail glue (although it’s easily removed with some nail polish remover), the imPRESS One Step Gel Nails feature a dual-layered adhesive, meaning that they’re even easier to apply.



Nevertheless, it was the location of this beauty launch that secured the evening’s success. All About You is a little piece of paradise that offers pure, unadulterated escapism. With über-glamorous surroundings, it is the perfect location to self-indulge and escape the chaos of every day life. In the comfort of the plush armchairs, it’s too easy to forget about the bustling city of Newcastle above ground. Yet, it’s central location means that after your treatments, you’re ready to hit the town (check out our Top 10 Restaurants to see where we recommend).

Their specialised treatments are perfect for focusing upon a particular area. If it’s been a dreary Monday, we recommend opting for the ELEMIS Superfood Facial. It offers a nutritional boost, rich in superfoods and essential minerals, designed to pack stressed, dull skin with energising, detoxifying actives. Or, if you’re feeling a little tense, the Jessica Prescriptive Manicure with Thermal Heated Mittens is perfect for a deeper penetration of oils and creams. It also increases circulation which can relieve stiff and painful joints. Refreshingly, men are also catered for in this retreat. The Gentleman Manicure includes shaping and buffing of the nails, leaving a natural and neat finish without the use of polish. A hand and arm massage is also included, providing a little extra dose of TLC.


If you’re ever struggling for gift ideas, All About You offers the perfect solution. They have a double treatment suite, meaning that both you and your other half can enjoy a Couple’s Retreat package, including an ELEMIS Deep Tissue Massage and a Skin Solution Facial. With chocolates and Prosecco included, it has all the trimmings of traditional romance, with the unique intimacy that the luxurious retreat provides. If your loved one is expecting, the Mum-to-Be package includes an ELEMIS Peaceful Pregnancy Massage, a Skin Solution Facial, and an ELEMIS Best Foot Forward treatment. Carrying a human is hard work, and that’s only the beginning! She definitely deserves a little ‘calm’ before the storm.

You can even hire the space for a personal party. Getting ready for a night out usually entails a bunch of girls fighting over the mirror, searching for lost lipsticks, and downing drinks whilst a disgruntled taxi driver waits outside. Stressful soirées are a thing of the past thanks to All About You’s Girl’s Night Out package. It includes an Express Manicure and Pedicure, makeover, and a glass of Prossecco. Clocking in at only one hour and fifteen minutes, we guarantee that it’ll be the quickest you’ve ever gotten ready – you might even catch happy hour cocktails! If you’ve been tasked with organizing a hen-do, their Girl’s Weekend Away package includes an overnight stay in the super chic Grey Street Hotel. The layout of the retreat provides plenty of space for gossiping over a glass of fizz – the perfect start to any night out. Even after partying in Newcastle, you may be tempted to return to the spa. Hungover facials anyone?


We had such a wonderful evening at the Kiss Beauty Launch. The products were fabulous, the champagne was free-flowing, and the company was exquisite. With stunning surroundings and an ambiance to match,  All About You truly was the most perfect location. A massive thank you to Elaine and her team – we can’t wait to sample more of your treatments.  Last but not least, we would like to give a special mention to Alex Silver and her team of PR masterminds. A good time was most definitely had by all, and we have you to thank for that. We hope to see you all again soon.


Lauren and Rachel



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