£5 Dresses?! Our new favourite clothing brand

Okay, so it’s October 1st and I’ve already officially exhausted every single Autumn-related emoji that there is  (you know which ones I’m talking about).  I’m probably more excited for the next couple of months than anybody I know but even I can admit, we haven’t quite arrived at sweater weather yet. I think it will be a good couple of weeks before my fur coat (faux, of course) and knitted jumpers come out to play. So what better way to start #Blogtober and celebrate the transition from Summer to Autumn than a mini Look Book?

IMG_4612IMG_4601 (2)IMG_4636IMG_4623

We were lucky enough to be sent these gorgeous dresses from the online clothing company, What About This. We are so thankful that Amiee was kind enough to send them our way because if she hadn’t, we may never have discovered her amazing site. We had bored ourselves to death of the standard online clothing stores (Boohoo, Misguided, Pretty Little Thing… yawn) so we were more than willing to try out a new brand. The dresses are beautifully made and, best of all, are so unique – we haven’t seen anything like them on the high-street.


We opted for similar colours but different styles – could the phrase ‘the same but different’ be anymore fitting to our ENTIRE lives?! I’m wearing the ‘Neon Rose Wildflower’ dress whilst Rachel opted for the ‘Naomi’ number. Whilst we loved the combination of black silk and netting (perfect for Autumn), we fell head-over-heels for the pop of bright colours that were printed and embroided onto the dresses. The pairing of black, elegant material and the bright floral design makes these dresses perfect for both daytime and nighttime wear, whilst allowing us to also cling onto the remnants of summer! Here, we paired the dresses with simple black boots. I opted for black knee highs (bought from New Look last year) to complement the floaty, boho style of my dress whilst Rachel went for some black suede Victorian ankle books (Primark specials)- the perfect match for a sophisticated, high-neck dress. Alternatively, you could wear the dresses with a simple black pump or, if you’re off on a night out, you could pair them with a classic black heel and clutch. The possibilities are endless. 


Be sure to check out the website http://www.whataboutthis.co.uk – dresses are currently reduced from £35 to just £5 so you would be crazy to miss out! Every time I go on their site, my wish list grows by the dozen and I’m pretty sure your’s will too.

Happy 1st October everyone – be sure to stay tuned for more blog posts (one every day for the next month, to be exact). Expect homeware hauls, monthly favourites, makeup tutorials and Halloween themed content. It’s gonna be one fun month.


Lauren & Rachel xx


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