Autumnal Makeup: Bright Eye, Berry Lip


October is the month of makeup: vampy lips, burnt-orange eyes, and, of course, Halloween transformations! But sometimes, I find myself reaching for my Urban Decay Electric palette, swirling my brush in the brightest pink and most vibrant blue. Whilst makeup should not be regulated by the seasons, I do try to take inspiration from my surroundings, meaning that my Autumn face usually consists of warm-tone browns, oranges, reds, and yellows.


However, I can’t neglect my neon eye shadows entirely! I found that pairing these summer-shades with a deep berry lip creates a fun, fall face.


The craziest thing is that Lauren and I both turned up with identical makeup! We hadn’t discussed our MOTD previously, so we must have both been feeling the transition from summer to autumn.


I used ‘Venus’ and ‘Rebirth’ from the Limecrime Venus palette, and a beautiful vibrant cherry pink shimmer from the Morphe 35U palette. I then defined my outer crease with a plum purple shimmer also from the 35U. On my lower lash-line, I used a combination of ‘Freak’ from the Urban Decay Electric palette and a forest green shimmer from the 35U. On my lips, I used Primark’s ‘Hot Gossip’ lip-liner and a MAC lipstick in the shade ‘Dark Side’.


Lauren used ‘Rebirth’, ‘Muse’, ‘Venus’, ‘Shell’, and ‘Aura’- all from Limecrime’s Venus palette! For her lips, she used a Loreal lip-liner in ‘Velvet Robe’ and Limecrime’s ‘Dreamgirl’ liquid lipstick.



Two identical looks, using a variety of products!


What’s your go-to fall face? Let us know below!


Lauren and Rachel



2 thoughts on “Autumnal Makeup: Bright Eye, Berry Lip

  1. Oh gorgeous pinks eye make up. I’m in love with the neon pinks and purples. Also, I love the bold choice of lipstick. Its nice to see more main stream make-up being more daring.


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