Boo Baskets! Our New Halloween Tradition

Happy 1st of November everyone! I must admit, I’m pretty sad to see October go. It’s been the most amazing month and I don’t think that I’m quite ready to put away the fake blood and say goodbye to Halloween for yet another year. If you’re feeling the same as me and aren’t quite ready to embrace Christmas just yet, then why not start prepping for 31st October 2018? Yep, you heard right. I’m already thinking about next year’s festivities.

Nobody quite does Halloween like our Mam. Her decorations have been extra spooky this year – she even has a Halloween tree! I’m pretty sure it will feature in our October favourites, so stay tuned for photos. But our Mam really pushed the boat out this year by introducing a new Halloween tradition – Boo Baskets! It’s basically a collection of ghoulish gifts that you give to family or friends as a surprise, just before the festive period. It’s like trick or treating for adults! They can be filled with anything from sweets and decorations, to shot glasses and party wear.

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The idea is that you ‘boo’ someone in the hope of them ‘booing’ you back. You both end up with a selection of Halloween-themed goodies, but the element of surprise makes it so much more exciting than just buying your own. I don’t know about you but I absolutely love looking down all the Halloween aisles in supermarkets and shops like Poundland, Home Sense, and TK Maxx. Yet I rarely make the jump from browsing, to buying. But no one can shop quite like my Mam, so being gifted her favourite selection of fake skulls, dancing skeletons, and plastic eyeballs made this year so much more special! Boo Baskets are the perfect way to extend the autumnal celebrations by surprising family and friends with some Halloween party essentials, just in time for the big night itself. Better yet, my collection of decorations have now doubled in size thanks to the cute contents of my Boo Basket and I’m well stocked up on sweets for the next few weeks!


Although it’s now November and a little too late to ‘boo’ any of your friends, I’d highly recommend raiding the left-over Halloween stock in preparation for October 2018! If you’re planning on creating baskets as big as ours, they can be pretty expensive (especially if you’re like our Mam and have to make two!). So we recommend making the most of the post-Halloween sales and get h(a)unting for some bargains! Although buying candy this far in advance isn’t advised, decorations can be bought for way cheaper than their original price and stored until October next year. You’ll be able to make a first-class Boo Basket but on a budget. It’s a fun tradition that really injects the excitement back into Halloween – Christmas isn’t the only period of giving! Think of it as the adult version of trick or treating, but these baskets contain shot glasses, as well as sherbet dips.


We hope you enjoyed celebrating Halloween as much as we did. Do you have any spooky traditions that you’d like to share? If so, let us know in the comments below!


Lauren and Rachel xx


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